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Meet Jacqueline | Your Personal Trainer

We are all constantly bombarded with messages. If we believe the media, we weigh too much, our hair is the wrong color, our teeth are not bright enough, we need to be better parents, we are not educated enough, we are not happy, we do not have enough purpose, etc. Are you as tired of all of those messages as I am? Wouldn't it be nice to just concentrate on becoming the best version of ourselves without living up to everyone else's ideals?

This concept is how I am different from other trainers. I hate the idea of us somehow not being adequate enough in various areas of our lives. We are all created with a purpose to love others and serve them with a gracious heart. We are created for joy! Do you feel joy right now?

I believe we can better serve others, especially our families, when we are able to more freely move our bodies the way God designed them. When we make wise choices with our food and baby step to increased abilities with exercise, we become a person at peace with ourselves and with others. We free ourselves to pay it forward.

This is my story. This is how I approach your story. I anticipate you won't be perfect every single day, but you will make progress. The process of change may bring up some realization of past hurts and pains which drove you to food, or caused you to forget to take care of yourself. The fantastic thing is imperfect progress is still progress. As we work together consistently, those results, which may have been elusive thus far, will start to emerge. This is where life change happens, and I cannot wait to see the joy light your eyes. Click here to work with me!